We’ve had some strange stuff going on with the Amazon.com Jeffersonville fulfillment center lately.

We’ve had several shipments that have been received but not checked in for quite some time. For reference, we ship 10-30 shipments in on any given week day.

As of right now we have:

A shipment received on March 29, 2017 that has still not been checked in. (29 days)

A shipment received on April 17 that has not been checked in. (9 days)

A shipment received on April 18 that has not been checked in. (8 days)

Three shipments received on April 21 that have not been checked in. (6 days)

Several others that are less than 6 days waiting but are also sitting.

In addition to those open ones, we’ve had many shipments sit for 1-3 weeks before being checked in. Today I filed a case for one that had been sitting since April 13 (14 days) and all of a sudden it’s checked in.

The odd thing is some shipments that have arrived in between have been checked in, so the FIFO method is not applicable it seems for checking in FBA shipments.

I’ve filed cases on some of these shipments and gotten the usual “it can take up to two weeks to check in” response. The thing is NO OTHER fulfillment center is taking this long. In fact, most check the items in the same day they are received. Jeffersonville, however, is taking days to weeks to check in.

We ship to Jeffersonville the most so this being the warehouse with the issues is concerning for us. We got an early start for Mother’s/Father’s Day, but we’re worried about shipments going out this week. We also ship to Dallas, Murfreesboro and Moreno Valley fairly often and they check in very quickly – often the same day they receive the shipments.

Then, the most baffling issue we have encountered…

Seven shipments created today (and not shipped out) are now in “receiving” status in Jeffersonville. I chatted with Seller Support and got absolutely no where. Hopefully I hear back soon.  I didn’t realize there were 7 shipments with issues when I first chatted so I’ll have to open another case. Chat transcript is below.

You are now connected to Lennard from Amazon Seller Support
Me:Issue: FBA Issue
Lennard:Hello, my name is Lennard. I’m here to help you today.
Me:Hello, I created shipment ID: FBA4NWxxxx this morning. All of a sudden it is in “receiving” status and I cannot work on it.
It was created today and we did not generate a label nor ship it.
There is absolutely no way it could be in “receiving” status.
Lennard:Thank you for providing those information. Please allow me to check for it
Just to confirm, you still have all the units for this shipment ?
We just created it this morning
When we went to sticker the items we realized the shipment had a status change
So the items are still at our warehouse and we did not generate a UPS label
Lennard:I understand
Please bear with me as I check for a resolution
For further assistance, I will need to transfer this case to our Internal team.
Lennard:At this time, they do not have a specialist available for chat. However, I will forward your case to our specialized team so they can assist you about this specific issue and they will respond to you via email immediately.
Will there be anything else where I can help you with?
Me:No, thank you.
Lennard:If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact us. You may now close the window by clicking the end chat link. Thank you for selling with Amazon. Have a good day and take care.    

So, anyone have any theories as to what’s going on? Jeffersonville seems to be one of those fulfillment centers that takes in case packs and then redistributes to other FCs. Maybe this slows them down? Whatever it is, we’re re-evaluating our FBA strategy due to items taking so long for shipments to be checked in and then put on “reserve” while they shuffle the stuff around. By the time we factor in shipping time, we’re looking at 2-6 weeks for replenishment of items. That’s way too long.