It’s been 12 days since Amazon once again incorrectly charged us over $91,000. I immediately opened a case and referenced the prior case that had been resolved. That should have been a quick fix, right? Nope. Twelve days later still no resolution, so our Amazon shop remains closed down.

I’ve received several of these “updates:”

Thanks for your continued patience. We are currently researching your issue in partnership with the responsible team and will provide an update as soon as any additional information becomes available.

I did have some hope a couple of days ago when I received the message below. But, alas, still no resolution.

Hello from Amazon,

This is XXX with Executive Selling Partner Relations. Reaching out to let you know we have taken ownership of your case and will let you know once the charges are cleared from your account. We are following up with the FBA team to understand why the fix the implemented to prevent this from recurring did not resolve the issue. Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Best regards,

XXX Executive Seller Relations

I should mention that this is the same person who promised me that call that never arrived.

Considering it is now mid-October, and the first month of the fourth quarter, the timing is terrible. We’re losing many sales each day.

The bright side is that I now have more time to devote to the business we’ve been developing OUTSIDE of Amazon. All of those seller polls that ask things like how confident are you that Amazon can support your business…. the answer is not confident at all.