Last month I wrote about how an Amazon glitch had our seller account negative over $180,000. Amazon reached out and “corrected” the issue. You can read about the events here and here.

Well, guess what? They didn’t correct it at all. Our Amazon shop is now on vacation AGAIN and we are AGAIN negative $91,636. Why are we on vacation? Because I have no idea how long they will keep the funds we earn. Last time it was five weeks.

Ina Steiner of eCommerce Bytes explained our issues very eloquently here. The problem came from a now-defunct Amazon program called FBA Onsite. We had a one-time “isolated” issue that Amazon became aware of and fixed. Now, it seems, it’s actually not a one-time issue and it’s NOT fixed.

I can’t wait to submit a case about this again considering it was only “fixed” last time after some media attention alerted Amazon to the problem.

This comes after a call this morning from Amazon to discuss our policy violations. While I appreciate the call, it went something like this for 15 minutes.

Amazon Rep: I see you have two performance violations for Restricted Products.

Me: Yes, we sell a baby bodysuit with a spider on it for Halloween. Amazon thinks I am selling spiders. There is obviously something wrong with the bot.

Amazon Rep: We will need a plan of action as to why you won’t do this anymore.

Me: We don’t sell spiders. It’s clear. I get hundreds of these so-called violations. It’s unfair Amazon expects us to deal with this.

Amazon Rep: I understand. Your plan of action should include…..

Me: *Facepalm*

Amazon Rep: You also have 43 Suspected Intellectual Property Violations for XXX

Me: Yes, that is our own Trademarked brand that is registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Rep: Ok, we will need proof you can use this.

Me: I understand you are doing your job, but again, we get hundreds of these a month and Amazon needs to do a better job on these bots.

Amazon Rep: Your plan of action should include….

Me: I think I may just stop selling on Amazon.

Let me be clear: The Amazon rep was so, so polite and tried to be so helpful. He is just limited in the help he can provide. Amazon really needs to do better on their AI “police” bots.

So, now I have two problems: A new negative balance and a bunch of policy violations that are really not violations at all.

Well, I have a third one: Should I sell on Amazon for Q4? That is the biggest question of all.